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Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) was founded on November 6 of 2008 through the restructuring and consolidation of China Aviation Industry Corp I (AVIC I) and China Aviation Industry (AVIC II). Aviation industry corporation of China (AVIC) is a corporation, centered on aviation, but capable of providing whole-value chain services to customers in many fields, form research and development to operation and from manufacturing to finance. Its business units cover defense, transport aircraft, engine, helicopter, Avionics and Systems, general Aviation, Aviation Research, flight test, trade and logistics, assets management, finance services, engineering planning and construction, automobile and etc. it owns almost 200 member companies and approximately 400000 employees. It is the first Chinese defense enterprise listed as the world top 500 enterprises. On July 7 of 2011, AVIC ranked 310 among the newly published Fortune top 500 enterprises. By the end of June, 2011, the total assents of AVIC reach 500 billion RMB.


At the same time of developing advanced aviation weaponry and equipment, AVIC sticks to the principle of í░Technology spin-off from military to civil and to achieve synergy development between military and civil businesses, commits itself to commercial transportation industry, cooperate and communicate extensively in the world aviation industry and actively participate in the development of international aviation programs. In the aspect of non-aviation industry, AVIC integrates aviation science and technology into automobile, motor, engine, components and apart parts and etc.; greatly develop electromechanical products, such as: gas turbine, refrigeration equipment, electric product, environmental protection equipment, new energy equipment and etc.; and provides various services including aircraft, new energy equipment and etc.; and provides various services including aircraft leasing, general aviation, transportation, medical services, planning and construction and etc.

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